Who are you?

You want to feel at home in your body, calm in your mind, and at peace in your life.


You have a hunch that you're not taking care of yourself like you could. Sometimes you feel out-of-touch with your body or out of alignment with your own depth. There may be a tendency toward anxiety, stress, depression, or feeling like you don’t belong in the world. Perhaps you've faced long-term chronic pain, digestive issues, emotional challenges, or other wellness-related concerns that have affected your quality of life. You want to feel good. And you long to step into that subtle knowing that there’s a deeper connection between yourself and the world than you're experiencing right now.

Who am I?

I am a spiritual wellbeing specialist with a passion for seeing the big picture with piercing depth, and helping you see it, too.

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Health challenges brought me to yoga. Transformation made me stay.

I experienced a series of health issues over the course of my life that eventually led me to seek out healing through yoga. There were digestive troubles I couldn't link to specific foods or eating patterns; low back pain that persisted for about 14 years; anxiety and depression that manifested in my mid-twenties. Yoga's holistic view over human life and suffering gave me invaluable insight and tools into who I was, how to accept myself, and transcend much the pain associated with my personal processes.

I utilize my studies in yoga therapy, tantric philosophy, and the intersection of science and spirituality to craft personalized programs that address suffering at the root. I'm passionate about helping people develop skills of compassion, embodiment, courage and trust so they can play an active role in their own healing. This also happens to be the work I've been doing on myself for the past fifteen years.


As I continued down this path, I started noticing some belief systems that were limiting my ability to live in optimal wellbeing:

  • I believed that I had no substantial say in my own health...so I constantly looked to everything else to heal me.

  • I believed my body was just there to be fit, to look good, and to get me around...so I didn't honor it as a vessel of consciousness, as something that could actually help me navigate my life.

  • I thought that in order to live a yogic lifestyle, I had to run away to an ashram in the Himalayas for the rest of my life...so I figured it wasn't even worth trying to transform whilst maintaining life in the "real world." 


When we don't understand the ways that our physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers connect, we miss the chance to experience ourselves as whole, complete, magnificent beings. We miss the opportunity to know ourselves. And we can end up feeling trapped, hopeless, and frustrated with our health and healing path.

The more I acknowledged all aspects of myself -- the more I used the ancient tools of yogic sciences to address my needs in all these layers -- the more I felt alive, joyful, and at peace.

The way out wasn't going outside myself for everything I needed. The way out was going in.


This place is here to help you: 

  • Improve your health and wellbeing through stress management, self-awareness, and courageous action

  • Get a holistic perspective of yourself through the yogic lens of wellbeing

  • Acknowledge your needs on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level -- and take steps to meet them

  • Provide invaluable tools that you can use on your own to develop lasting peace and joy

  • Evolve on your healing path




I used to feel helpless and scared in the face of illness, adversity, and life's ups and downs. Then I found a yogic approach to healing.

Serious grit and a whole lot of grace granted me the past 8 years of studying holistic healing across the globe. I've worked with teachers who have cracked me open with their collective knowledge, wisdom, and experience in yoga, tantra, and healing.

I graduated from Penn State University in 2010 with a BA in English and a minor in philosophy. My studies in yoga and meditation include personal and professional development with Nalanda InstituteTrimurti YogaHimalayan Iyengar Yoga CenterMen-Tsee-KhangMedicine Wheel WellnessTushita Meditation CenterOrion Healing Centre, and DNKL Tibetan Buddhist Center for Universal Peace.


Qualifications and Training

  • Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, Advanced Yoga Therapy Training, Amrita Healing

  • 800+ hours training in Yoga Therapy

  • 1,000+ hours experience in teaching yoga and meditation

  • Personal and professional development in tantric hatha yoga, yogic meditation, and psycho-spiritual evolution

  • E-RYT200, Trimurti Yoga, Yoga Alliance

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