“Incredibly beneficial for me.”

Working with Alexa is an absolute pleasure. I am amazed by her presence and patience, and I thoroughly enjoy her good-natured being. Connecting with this work has been incredibly beneficial for me and I appreciate my practice every day. Personally, I have noticed positive changes in my assertion, strength in my physical body, and a greater ability to get things done.

— Mike P, Clearmind International

“An inspiration for our entire team.”

Alexa worked as a yoga therapist at the Amrita Healing Center; it was an honor to have witnessed her growth in the field of yoga therapy. Seldom do I see teachers like her learning and integrating so well the deep knowledge of yoga and the therapeutic holistic approach. She has been and still is an inspiration for our entire team at the center. She is giving all her creativity, knowledge, dedication and love to her team, students and clients. I do believe that trusting her and following her guidance supports people to evolve and transform deeply. To borrow Ghandi's words, "She is the change we wish to see in the world."

— Astrea K, Amrita Healing


It has been a bit tough lately. But more and more I've started to understand the mental and emotional progress that lies behind all this. And it feels good to get to know myself better. I can see that I'm getting stronger, and that change is happening. I'm inspired by you, by your dedication to this work. Without you I wouldn't have made it on this path.

— Annina Z., CG Jung Institute


“A wonderful experience.”

What a wonderful experience to have been able to take therapeutic yoga classes with Alexa as our teacher. She is delightful, engaging, and very knowledgable in her field, as well as clear in her instruction and theories. She listens well, is attentive to each individual's problem areas, and designs the classes to address these needs -- thus giving us "tools" we can take home to continue to help ourselves heal. Alexa is compassionate and caring and her heart is definitely reflected in her teachings.

— Colleen P., proud grandmother

“Very supportive on my personal path of healing.”

Alexa's care, passion and presence met me so tenderly. I shared about my personal story and the pain in my body. She held both with such generosity. I felt seen: I even felt I got to see myself a little more clearly. Receiving my personal yoga practice during our one-on-one class reflected the healing objectives of what I had shared, and I was delighted by Alexa's capacity to hold space, witness, and ground the session. I shared a lot and feel that it was well digested and handed back to me in a methodical way to work with through the body. Alexa has been very supportive on my personal path of healing and balance. Thank you Alexa for your presence and care.

— Ivy Y., professional bodyworker

“I loved it all.”

I loved everything about yesterday!  ️ Sometimes I muse about what I would change about an experience I’ve had.  And in this case not a single thing. . . I loved it all.  You did such a great job of sharing your wisdom and also allowing us our own space to process what you shared in our own ways.  Thank you so much for everything.  

Sarah B., school counselor

I have been keeping up with yoga and meditation since we last met and I’m so grateful for this and you. I barely get stomach pains anymore, probably once or twice a month, and my anxiety has decreased a lot. I’ve gotten better at relieving mental and physical tension in the moment. I’ve been indulging in new hobbies and diets and my body feels the best it has been in a long, long time. Thank you for everything, you helped me so much!
— Grace C., undergraduate student

I am continually amazed by the intelligence that lives in our bodies.”

This has offered me new and powerful tools to enhance my wellbeing. I am continually amazed by the intelligence that lives in our bodies and Alexa’s insight and expertise about the mind, body and spirit is so inspiring and motivates me to continue on my journey of becoming me everyday! I am awed by how easily accessible these tools are thanks to Alexa and her clear way of explaining everything. Alexa, through her website has changed my life. 

Deb O., retired school counselor


Interested in working together? Questions about what that would look like? Let’s connect. I’d love to hear more about your story and what you’re seeking.