I didn't think I was capable of this path.

Maybe you've felt like that at times too.


I came to yoga fifteen years ago for a practice that would support my success as a competitive athlete and student. And while the physicality of the practice is what pulled me in, the transformational nature of tantric hatha yoga -- the power it has to heal, purify, and transform -- is what made me stay.




It took ten years of inner and outer exploration before I started seeking answers to certain questions, like:


- What is it, exactly, about yoga that makes it such a unique path for healing?

- What is the real history behind the chakras, and what are the most powerful practices to activate them?

- How are my emotional habits and mental fluctuations affecting my overall health?

- What would the yogic system say about the things I'm struggling with?

- How do I access these states of peace, harmony, and bliss that I read about in books?

- How do I integrate spiritual practice into life in the material world -- work, relationships, lifestyle? Can I really walk both paths?



These questions come naturally as we dive deeper into spiritual process. And my work helps you ask the right questions in sincere search for the answers that have always been there. 

That you've landed on this page is a testament to your curiosity in going deeper into your healing and spiritual process. Perhaps you're a long-time yoga practitioner feeling plateaued in your practice. Or you're a new yoga teacher seeking tools to sharpen your professional skills. Most beings that land here are seeking a holistic approach to health and well-being with a spiritual edge: and that is exactly the dynamic combination that yoga offers us.

This place is here to help you:

Dig deeper into yogic healing and live lighter on the spiritual path

Connect the dots between your physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers

Learn practical, proven tools and techniques through the yogic lens to facilitate healing and transformation

Establish a comprehensive understanding of the role of yoga for healing so you can help yourself and your students evolve with awareness

Challenge limiting belief systems about who you are, what you are/aren't capable of, and your potential for growth and awakening

Live with an open heart and clear mind

Develop the priceless skills of resilience and perseverance to break barriers on the spiritual and healing paths

Live in acceptance of all aspects of yourself -- especially those competing values that cause unwanted tension

Improve and deepen family and romantic relationships and include them in spiritual process

Live in a state of awareness, peace, and joy

Here's how we can work together: 

Private Classes

Personal Yoga Programs




Have questions about your next steps? Let's connect. I'd love to chat about how I can support you in your process.