Welcome to a wellness path with staying power.

If you're diving into the realm of yoga and yogic healing for the first time, you likely have some questions.


Questions like: 

- What is the role of yoga for healing?

- How can this work help me with challenges like chronic pain, stress, anxiety, digestive issues, depression, and more?

- Is this work the same as private yoga classes, coaching, or something else altogether?

- What kinds of results can I expect, and how exactly can we work together?


For starters, the terms yoga therapy and spiritual wellness are relatively new to the alternative healing fields.

In the past twenty years, the areas of neuroscience and medicine have published extraordinary research on the power of yoga, spirituality, and mind-body practices to facilitate healing. In fact, perhaps the biggest splash came in 1992, when Dr. Dean Ornish demonstrated that yoga (along with conscious diet, meditation, and group support) could actually reverse heart disease. This turned the long-held belief that heart disease was irreversible on its head, and the medical community continued to open up to yoga as a legitimate complementary healing modality.

There have been other breakthroughs, too:

Yoga has the ability to balance the nervous system to challenge anxiety and depression; it effectively changes the neural patterning in the brain to disrupt pain signaling and decrease inflammation; the inherent spiritual nature of the yogic path specifically intervenes where complex issues like hopelessness, lack of purpose, and search for meaning contribute towards human suffering.


At its source, yoga is a path for awakening and self-realization. It is a path to freedom. It would only make sense, then, that deep, sustained healing often shows up as a by-product of that path.

What we've learned in the past 25 years can be summarized into a few points:

- Addressing dis-ease is a body-mind approach

- Skills like mindfulness, awareness, and self-inquiry are invaluable tools in the healing process

- Sustained, permanent change happens over time: small steps (rather than giant leaps) taken to change habituated patterns in the body and mind encourage the organic ability of the self to heal


I've struggled with a few chronic issues in my life that drove me to seek healing through yoga, including inexplicable digestive issues, anxiety, depression, and chronic low back pain. These health issues took me on a many-years quest around the world to find healing systems that actually have staying power. Yoga's holistic view over human life and suffering, its roots in science and spirituality, and its positive results across a range of populations demonstrates this modality's unique impact. These tools have 2,500 years of proven track-record for improving quality of life.


So yes, the terms "yoga therapy" and "spiritual wellness" may be new. But the approach is ancient.


A yogic approach to wellness is holistic: it intervenes at the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the being to uproot habituated patterns of the mind, challenge limiting belief systems, alleviate chronic pain, develop emotional balance, and establish a sustainable discipline to live a healthy vibrant life. 


So to cycle back to those questions from above:

- Yoga is a complementary approach to healing that addresses our individual needs to promote radiant health and mental/emotional well-being.

- Yoga is scientifically proven to reduce chronic pain, train the stress response, calm anxiety, and alleviate symptoms associated with depression through techniques like posture, breathing, meditation, focused relaxation, and self-inquiry.

- This work is an integrated approach to wellness through yoga instruction and coaching; the signature program is the 3-month mentorship, in which one develops a strong and sustainable foundation for health and harmony.

- A yogic approach to wellness supports elevated mood, greater ability to manage stress, weight loss, improved digestion, and alleviation of suffering associated with anxiety and depression; more importantly, perhaps, this work offers you tools that will last a lifetime and continue to bear fruit long after we finish working together.

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