Some people do yoga to get fit. We practice yoga to be well.

These 3 and 6 month programs are designed to offer you guidance and support in systematically implementing lifestyle changes through a yogic lens of wellbeing. It is an opportunity to go deep, to understand the subtle connections within the landscape of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, and integrate ancient tools for living well in the present.

Why choose a mentorship?

  • Consistent support

  • Individualized programs

  • Accountability

  • Time and space to evolve organically

  • Yogic Lifestyle Development + Wellness Coaching + Contemplative Consultations for a holistic approach to sustained change


Decreased stress and anxiety
Pain management skills
Increased vitality

Increased awareness and clarity
Understanding of the spiritual and contemplative paths
Personal evolution with staying power


Personal Program

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to learn a yogic lifestyle program designed just for you? If you knew exactly what techniques suited your needs, goals, and personality?

You've landed in the right place.

The Personal Program consists of 3 parts:

1. Initial Intake Session (90 minutes): A consultation in which we look at the interplay of all aspects of your health and wellness

2. Development of personal program: I craft a program designed specifically to help you reach your goals; it includes practice guidelines, purification (kriya) techniques, yogic wellness tips, meditations, and lifestyle recommendations to help you implement change across all areas of your life. 

3. One-on-one class (60 minutes): I teach you your personalized program, including detailed approach to yogic techniques, and provide recommendations for moving forward. You'll receive detailed guidelines to techniques and 2 daily yogic routines created specifically to meet your wellness goals. 

Every aspect of your program will be crafted just for you

A Personal Program is the foundation for long-term mentorships, which is why I offer a courtesy check-in call 3 weeks after you start your program to answer any questions, evaluate progress, and discuss next steps.

Investment: $350



I've worked with clients seeking tools to relieve chronic digestive issues, pain, and varying levels of anxiety and depression. The spiritual edge that a yogic path embodies facilitates a certain level of self-inquiry. This path unfolds gradually: it asks for space and time for substantial and integrated shifts in wellbeing. Therefore, I offer programs of 1, 3, and 6 months.

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Are you ready?

Let's get in touch. I'd love hear about your path and help you go deeper on it.